Hello! I am Kirsty Fife – a DIY cultural organiser, creative practitioner, academic and archivist based in Leeds, Yorkshire.

I have a background in DIY cultural production and organising. My projects include Make It WorkMove Under Yr Own Power and Hard Femme zines – publications which cover intersections between fat, gender, class, sexuality and DIY cultures. Until 2016 I also ran Fatty Unbound – a skinflint fat fashion blog – which has been featured on platforms including the BBCThe Times and Bitch magazine. I have organised several zine fests (Weirdo Zine Fest delivered with DIY Space for London and the National Trust) and spoken at panels about zines, organising, fat activism, femme identity and class politics. I also currently coordinate fat positive clothes swaps at the Cardigan Centre in Leeds on a quarterly basis.

I am also a qualified archivist with experience of working with cultural, media-based and community-led heritage collections. My ten years in the archive sector to date include roles working for Screen Archive South East, Hoxton Hall, the Parliamentary Archives and the National Science and Media Museum. I am particularly interested in collections development, diversifying archives and the archive workforce, outreach and engagement, and public programming. I often work in partnership with other heritage organisations and can organise grassroots and community engagement events (talks, panels, screenings, zine fairs) for yours too.

This website is a record of things I’ve done and services I can offer. You can also get in touch with me at kirsty.fife@gmail.com to discuss projects and opportunities.

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