Creative Practice

Scan 4

(Illustration from Body(s), 2018)

I make stuff! I began my creative practice as an art student at University of Westminster and came back to practice later through DIY cultures and autonomous modes of cultural production.

My creative practice is multi-media and explores intersections of identity, trauma, histories, anxiety and bodies through illustration, writing, music and film. My art is always playful, amateur and lacking in technical proficiency of any kind. I am deeply invested in a mode of practice which centres exploration of creativity through non-hierarchical, caring and community-centred methods. A transcript of a talk about my creative practice from Bent Fest (DIY Space for London, 2018) can be found here .

I am available (on a paid basis) to design fliers for gigs and festivals, artwork for records and t-shirts, zines and visual resources for your collective or organisation. I would also love to undertake more residencies, so would particularly welcome being contacted about these. Get in touch via email to discuss any opportunities.

I also have been active as a musician in the UK DIY music scene for 5 years. I’ve played in bands including Cat Apostrophe, Actual Crimes, and Suggested Friends.

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