Public Speaking

This page includes a list of my previous presentations, with embedded pdf copies of presentation slides and/or video when this is available.


“Breaking Down Brick Walls: An open discussion of the needs of working-class ECRs” at Working Class Academics conference (online)

“The least we can do is put like a flag in the ground and say that we’re here”: archival impulses in UK DIY music spaces” at KISMIF conference (online)

“Precarity, ephemerality and transience: cultural memory of UK DIY music” at LAHP Annual Research Day (hosted by London Arts and Humanities Partnership, online)

Futuresex Witness: Archives, Museums and Spaces (Histories and Futures of Gender, Sex and Sexuality) at University of Surrey (panel participant)

“Digital Cultural Memory in UK DIY Music” at University of Oslo (invited presentation at the book launch of DIY Music and the Politics of Social Media


““It’s a very unstable society that we’ve built”: Precarity, Memory and History in UK DIY music spaces” at University of York (invited lecture) (video)

“Digital Digging: the work of social movements and activist archivists in documenting injustice” (presentation), co-presented with Andrew Flinn and Julianne Nyhan at Association of Critical Heritage Studies Conference (online)

“”I was there, we were there, and we weren’t just visiting”: Engaging with Archives as Methods of Activism and Resistance in UK DIY Music Spaces” presentation) at Association of Critical Heritage Studies Conference (online)

“Adventures in Academia: Demystifying Research and Building Working Class Solidarity Networks Through Zine Making” (presentation) at Working Class Academics (conference, online) (Video)


“Document It Yourself: Heritage Work in UK-based DIY Music Spaces” (presentation) at Home of Metal: Music Heritage, People and Place, Birmingham City University

“Collective Collecting and Documentation Practice in UK DIY Music Spaces” (presentation) at Archival Education and Research Institute Conference, University of Liverpool

“Document It Yourself: Unauthorised Heritage Praxis in DIY Music Spaces” at Music and Sound Beyond Borders, Manchester Metropolitan University


“Archiving Music Spaces” at Cardiff Music Women festival (presentation)

“Brick Walls and Tick Boxes: Experiences of Marginalised Workers in the UK Archive Sector” (presentation) at Archives and Records Association Conference, Glasgow

“Not For You: Ethical Implications of Archiving Self-Publishing” (presentation) at Art Librarians Conference, Architectural Association, London (video)

“Collecting Zines at the National Science and Media Museum” at Bradford Zine Fair, Bradford Central Library (presentation)


“Challenge the Future: How Do We Want The Profession To Grow?” (presentation and panel participant) at Archives and Records Association Conference, Manchester

“Decentring Qualification: A Radical Examination of Archival Employment Possibilities” (presentation) at Radical Collections, Senate House, London


“This is What a Fat Activist Does” at WOW festival (panel participant) (video)

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